Shopware Playground

Glad you are here. This is our end user documentation set up to make your first steps on our new platform as easy and enjoyable as possible for you.

Our vision for the future

E-commerce is subject to constant change. Automation and individuality - these are the mega trends of the future. Our goal is to offer a technological basis that is as flexible as it is perfectly prepared for both current challenges and future developments.

Our new platform: Shopware Playground

In order to take a good step forward, closer to our vision of the future, we have developed a completely new Shopware Core and as well as a new Administration. The newly developed API is able to fully map even the most complex purchasing processes and represents the new linchpin of communication between various possible components.

We would like you to take part in and get to know our latest innovations, so we developed Shopware Playground.

Shopware Playground is supposed to be an e-commerce experimentation kit that gives you early access to most contemporary and agile approaches in e-commerce. You can test the already existing experiments included in Shopware Playground, adapt them for your business model or quickly and easily develop and implement your own ideas using our new cloud-based API, which of course is completely free of charge to you. 

Get to know the possibilities of Shopware with Shopware Playground!

Become a part of Shopware Playground

Shopware Playground gives you a first idea of what our new technology will be able to achieve. We want you to take a look at our approach and hopefully provide us with some valuable feedback. We would like to include you - our community, customers and partners - as early as possible into the process and incorporate your ideas into further development.

We want you to be able to get creative and simply head out to venture through our Shopware Playground and thus provide you with a complete catalogue of experiments, just from the start. You can take of from here and soon add your own ideas and experiments.

Shopware Playground comes with a working Alexa integration, examples for one-page shops and more exciting ways to set up e-commerce integrations.

With Shopware Playground we would like to give you an insight into what will be possible using our new Shopware technology. With your help and more support from our community, the Playground Experiments catalogue will become a collaborative work space that will surely prove beneficial for all parties involved.

Conclusively, with Shopware Playground e-commerce enthusiasts will be able to discover new ideas and approaches and let these become a realization of their own, individual e-commerce vision.