System Requirements

Before installing Shopware 6, you should take a quick look at the requirements to check if your local environment is capable of running it.

You can use these commands for checking your actual environment:

  • php -v: Show CLI PHP version
  • php -m: Show CLI PHP modules
  • php -i | grep memory_limit: Show your actual CLI PHP memory limit
  • composer -v: Show your actual composer version
  • node -v: Show you actual Node version
  • npm -v: Show you actual NPM version

To get more information about your server PHP setup, you can create a phpinfo.php file with this content:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

When you now open your Browser and go to the phpinfo.php page then you can see all information about your actual PHP setup. Check if they also matches with the requirements.

System Requirements

Operating System

Although Shopware 6 support most UNIX like environments, we recommend using Ubuntu 18.04 LTS or macOS Mojave 10.14 to get the best experience.



  • 7.2 or higher
  • memory_limit 512M minimum
  • max_execution_time 30 seconds minimum
  • Extensions:
    • ext-curl
    • ext-dom
    • ext-fileinfo
    • ext-gd
    • ext-iconv
    • ext-intl
    • ext-json
    • ext-libxml
    • ext-mbstring
    • ext-openssl
    • ext-pcre
    • ext-pdo
    • ext-pdo_mysql
    • ext-phar
    • ext-simplexml
    • ext-xml
    • ext-zip
    • ext-zlib
  • Composer 1.6 or higher


  • MySQL 5.7.21 or higher
  • MariaDB 10.3.22 or higher


  • Node.js 10.13.0 or higher
  • NPM 6.5.0 or higher


  • Apache 2.4 or higher with mod-rewrite enabled
  • Bash
  • Git


  • Zend Opcache (256M or more)
  • APCu (128M or more)
  • Webserver with HTTP2 support

Adminer ( is our recommended database administration tool since it has better support for binary data types.


If you are working on Linux there is a curated docker setup, that takes care of setting up the environment for you.

In this case you need:

  • PHP 7.2+ CLI
  • docker
  • docker-compose
  • bash

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