Using docker-sync

Using native mounting with Docker Volumes and docker-sync

If you are working with Mac/OSX and are facing performance issues, you should use docker-sync instead of the default mounting strategy.


Download & install docker-sync from, which supports OSX, Windows, Linux and FreeBSD. docker-sync uses Ruby, which is pre-installed on OSX. On other operating systems, you might have to install Ruby separately.

  • For OSX, see OSX.
  • For Windows, see Windows.
  • For Linux, see Linux.
  • See the list of alternatives here

Enable the use of docker-sync in PSH Console

By default, the usage of docker-sync is disabled in PSH. To use Docker Volumes with Docker Sync, you must set DOCKER_SYNC_ENABLED to true in your .psh.yaml.override. Create a new entry in the const section like so:


That's it. Continue to install Shopware 6 as usual:

  1. Build and start the containers:

    > ./psh.phar docker:start

This command creates and starts the containers, watchers, and the sync itself. Running start the first time takes several minutes to complete. Subsequent starts are a lot faster since the images and volumes are reused.

  1. Access the application container:

    > ./psh.phar docker:ssh
  2. Execute the installer inside the Docker container:

    > ./psh.phar install 

For more information about Shopware Installation, take a look here

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