SalesChannel-API product endpoint

The Sales Channel API is deprecated and will be removed with Consider using the Store-API

The product endpoint of the SalesChannel-API is used to get product information e.g. for a listing.

Listing of products

GET /sales-channel-api/v3/product

Description: Returns a list of products assigned to the sales channel. All filter, sorting, limit, and search operations are supported. You find more information about these operations here.

Detailed product information

GET /sales-channel-api/v3/product/{productId}

Description: Returns detailed information about a specific product.

Load associations

GET /sales-channel-api/v3/product/{productId}?associations[media][]

You can also load deep associations by providing multiple associations keys.

GET /sales-channel-api/v3/product/{productId}?associations[categories][associations][media][]

This will load the category association and the media association of the category.

Description: Not every association of an entity is loaded by default. If you are missing an association like the product images, just add them like shown in the example above

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