6.0.0 or newer

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Shopware 6 supports internationalization as a core concept. The translation System supports three levels.

  1. A system language (fixed en-GB) - the fallback that requires a translation.
  2. A root language - The actual main content language.
  3. A derived language - A derived language to overwrite certain terms.

For example a typical german setup would look like this:

└── de-DE
    └── de-CH
    └── de-AT

Or a typical english setup in contrast:

└── en-US
    └── en-AU


A product's name is "Schneebesen" but in a sales channel for Switzerland, you'll get "Schwingbesen" as that would be the correct translation. All other, not especially translated field, will stick to the German language de-DE.


Translations in Shopware 6 are supported by two subsystems all correlating to the same basic rules:

Snippets are dynamic translation texts that can be managed through the Admin API
Data Abstraction Layer
All customer facing data is by default translatable follow the link to see how.