Field Resolver


6.0.0 or newer

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A FieldResolver is a specific implementation for a field, which needs some extra code to be found properly.

Most use-cases are cover by the standard FieldResolver which handle every kind of relation. In fact, the fields OneToMany, ManyToOne and ManyToMany are handled by their corresponding FieldResolver to handle the JOINs in relational database systems.

Imagine you have a list of SEO urls and one of them is marked as canonical. If you create a field canonicalUrl to return the SEO url marked as canonical, your JOIN needs the additional condition to filter on is_canonical = 1 to only find the canonical URL. With a custom FieldResolver, you are free to design the JOIN yourself.


A custom FieldResolver must implement the Shopware\Core\Framework\DataAbstractionLayer\Dbal\FieldResolver\FieldResolverInterface interface and should be registered and tagged in the service container as shopware.field_resolver.

class CanonicalUrlFieldResolver implements FieldResolverInterface
    public function resolve(string $definition, string $root, Field $field, QueryBuilder $query, Context $context, EntityDefinitionQueryHelper $queryHelper, bool $raw): bool
        if (!$field instanceof CanonicalUrlField) {
            return false;

        $seoUrlAlias = $root . '.' . $field->getPropertyName();

        $parameters = [
            '#root#' => EntityDefinitionQueryHelper::escape($root),
            '#source_column#' => EntityDefinitionQueryHelper::escape($field->getStorageName()),
            '#alias#' => EntityDefinitionQueryHelper::escape($seoUrlAlias),
            '#reference_column#' => EntityDefinitionQueryHelper::escape($field->getReferenceField()),

        $condition = str_replace(
            '#alias#.#reference_column# = #root#.#source_column# AND #alias#.is_canonical = 1'


        return true;

The resolve() method should return if it was able to handle the field by returning true or false.

<service id="Shopware\Storefront\Api\Entity\Dbal\CanonicalUrlAssociationFieldResolver">
    <tag name="shopware.field_resolver" />