Field Accessor


6.0.0 or newer

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A FieldAccessor is a selector for the data in your storage.

In general, there is no need for a custom FieldAccessor unless you are dealing with uncommon data structures like JSON fields. For that kind of data structures, you need to decide which value should be used for searching entities in your storage.


Let's look at our PriceField. It has a defined data structure with gross, net and linked properties. If you want to search on the PriceField you cannot simply evaluate a JSON field as you cannot compare it to anything. Therefore you need to classify your data and select your value to be compared. In this case, it will be the gross property in the PriceField.

The FieldAccessor must implement the Shopware\Core\Framework\DataAbstractionLayer\Dbal\FieldAccessorBuilder\FieldAccessorBuilderInterface interface and should be registered and tagged in the service container as shopware.field_accessor_builder.

class PriceFieldAccessorBuilder implements FieldAccessorBuilderInterface
    public function buildAccessor(string $root, Field $field, Context $context, string $accessor): ?string
        if (!$field instanceof PriceField) {
            return null;

        return sprintf('(CAST(JSON_UNQUOTE(JSON_EXTRACT(`%s`.`%s`, "$.gross")) AS DECIMAL))', $root, $field->getStorageName());

The interface provides one method which, in case it can handle the given field, should return a selector to the field. Using JSON in SQL can be quite complex, so you have to extract, unquote and cast the value to a correct format.

The returned selector will be used in the SQL statement for comparing or selecting the data.

<service id="Shopware\Core\Framework\DataAbstractionLayer\Dbal\FieldAccessorBuilder\PriceFieldAccessorBuilder">
    <tag name="shopware.field_accessor_builder" />