Data Inheritance


6.0.0 or newer

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It is possible to inherit data from a parent entity of the same type this id called parent/child concept. The parent record has all required fields filled in and is a valid entity in itself. A child can now optionally overwrite data which is different to the parent.

Inherit a field

To start using inheritance, you have to update your definition and database.

  1. Make inheritable fields nullable in the database
  2. Add the ParentFkField in your definition
  3. Add the ChildrenAssociationField in your definition
  4. Allow inheritance by overwriting allowInheritance()
  5. Flag fields as inheritable

1. Make fields nullable

ALTER TABLE `employee` MODIFY `supervisor` VARCHAR(255) NULL;

2. Add the ParentFkField

new ParentFkField(self::class)

3. Add the ChildrenAssociationField

new ChildrenAssociationField(self::class)

4. Allow inheritance

public function allowInheritance(): bool
    return true;

5. Flag fields as inheritable

(new StringField('supervisor', 'supervisor'))->addFlags(new Inherited())


This concept also supports translations. Given a parent/child entity with an inherited language (de-CH inherits from de-DE), the resolution of the values will be:

  1. Child (de-CH)
  2. Child (de-DE)
  3. Parent (de-CH)
  4. Parent (de-DE)

If an inheritance is not found, the next translation in the chain above will be used.

Enable translation inheritance

Assuming your definition is already aware of inheritance, you have to update your definition and add the Inherited flag to your translated fields and the translation association.

(new TranslatedField('supervisor'))->addFlags(new Inherited()),
(new TranslationsAssociationField(EmployeeTranslationDefinition::class))->addFlags(new Inherited()),

Add inheritance via plugin

If you want to add a inherited association to an entity, the following must be considered:

  1. the entity to be extended must already fulfill the above mentioned conditions
  2. you have to add the appropriate association via your EntityExtension class.
  3. the new association requires the Inherited flag
  4. you need to add a column in the MySQL table of the entity that has the following properties:
    • binary(16)
    • nullable
    • default null
    • the column name must be the property name of your association (in camel case).

In order not to create the column incorrectly, you can simply use the \Shopware\Core\Framework\Migration\InheritanceUpdaterTrait in your migrations:

<?php declare(strict_types=1);

namespace Shopware\Core\Migration;

use Doctrine\DBAL\Connection;
use Shopware\Core\Framework\Migration\InheritanceUpdaterTrait;
use Shopware\Core\Framework\Migration\MigrationStep;

class Migration1566817701AddInheritanceColumn extends MigrationStep
    use InheritanceUpdaterTrait;

    public function getCreationTimestamp(): int
        return 1566817701;

    public function update(Connection $connection): void
        $this->updateInheritance($connection, 'product', 'associationPropertyName');

    public function updateDestructive(Connection $connection): void