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Shopware 6 is an online eCommerce platform. It provides Services through REST-APIs and rich user interfaces to customers and administrators alike.


Shopware 6 Context

The diagram shows how Shopware 6 fits into your enterprise. It provides web frontends for management and for commerce through a multitude of sales channels. It comes with a set of user facing interfaces and provides the ability to connect to your own infrastructure and outside services through REST-APIs.


The central philosophy of Shopware 6 is called no waste. Shopware 6 is designed to not lightheartedly waste external resources. The Stack behaves predictably and executes in as few steps as possible. We do not wastefully iterate over data more often than necessary, we do not wastefully access the database more than necessary, we do not wastefully perform costly calculations more than necessary. Apart from the performance perspective we keep the code clear and predictable and provide clear extension points across the different components and layers.

On the inside

Shopware 6 Container

The Shopware platform code consists of 3 top level building blocks. The Core is the center of the Platform and wraps all eCommerce specific workflows and resources. The two satellites Storefront and Administration provide web frontends for specific use cases. The Storefront is a Web-UI providing customer views and operating the sales channel interfaces of the core. The Administration on the other hand provides a Single Page Application that enables you to manage the core.

The next article introduces you to the directory structure of all applications so you should be able to find the general place you are looking for.

Or feel free to head over to the subsections introducing the three different applications in depth.