Step 1: Introduction

There's plenty of explanations about how to set-up your first plugin, with possibilities of configuring your plugin and several smaller examples on how to solve a specific problem with your plugin.

This tutorial series will guide you through the process of actually creating a fully functional plugin, from creating the plugin from scratch to actually implementing the main business logic. It is separated into several articles to guide you through the process step by step, so you can follow easily. In this tutorial, you will create a plugin, which displays product bundles on a product's detail page. Those bundles contain multiple products, which then can be put into the cart. The main advantage for the customer is the discount being granted upon those bundles.

  • The shop manager will be able to create and manage bundles from the administration.

  • This example represents a simplified version of our Bundle plugin in the store.

  • There's a GitHub repository available, containing the full example source being used in this tutorial! Check it out here.

Head over to the next step to start setting up the plugin.

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