Basic handling of js services in the administration


The main entry point for this purpose is the plugin's main.js file. It has to be placed into the <plugin root>/src/Resources/app/administration/src directory in order to be automatically found by Shopware 6.

Register a new service

For this example the following service is used to get random jokes. It is placed in <administration root>/services/joke.service.js

 * @class
 * @property {AxiosInstance} httpClient
export default class JokeService {
     * @constructor
     * @param {AxiosInstance} httpClient
    constructor(httpClient) {
        this.httpClient = httpClient;

     * @returns {Promise<{id: number, category: string, type: string, joke: ?string, setup: ?string, delivery: ?string}>}
    joke() {
        return this.httpClient
            .then(response =>

For now this service class is not available in the injection container. To fix this, a new script is placed at <administration root>/init/joke-service.init.js and imported in the main.js file of our plugin:

import JokeService from '../service/joke.service.js';

Shopware.Application.addServiceProvider('joker', container => {
    const initContainer = Shopware.Application.getContainer('init');
    return new JokeService(initContainer.httpClient);

Service injection

A service is typically injected into a vue component and can simply be referenced in the inject property:

Shopware.Component.register('foobar-joke', {
    inject: [

    created() {
        this.joker.joke().then(joke => console.log(joke))

To avoid collision with other properties like computed fields or data fields there is an option to rename the service property using an object:

Shopware.Component.register('foobar-joke', {
    inject: {
        jokeService: 'joker'

    created() {
        this.jokeService.joke().then(joke => console.log(joke))

Decorating a service

Service decoration can be us in a variety of ways. Services can be initialized right after their creation and single methods can get an altered behaviour. Like in the service registration a script that is part of the main.js is needed.

If you need to alter a service method return value or add an additional parameter you can also do this using decoration. For this example a funny attribute is added to the requested jokes by the previously registered JokeService:

Shopware.Application.addServiceProviderDecorator('joker', joker => {
    const decoratedMethod = joker.joke;

    joker.joke = function () {
        return => ({
            funny: % 2 === 0

    return joker;

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