The Admin API can be used to complete all administrative tasks, like creating products, updating prices and much more. For building a storefront or extending it, you can use the SalesChannel-API.

The Admin API makes it really easy to integrate Shopware into your environment.


The Admin API is versioned by adding a version string to the query path. Currently, the only available version is v1.

Schema overview

All HTTP methods follow the usual REST behavior. GET on a resource retrieves the resource. POST adds a new resource. PATCH updates some attributes of a resource. DELETE removes a resource.

The resources are all named in singular. Only the 1-n and n-m relation names of sub-resources are pluralized. For example: /api/v1/category and /api/v1/category/products.

Some examples:

GET/api/v1/categoryGet a list of categories
GET/api/v1/category/01bd7e7...Get the details of the category with id "01bd7e7..."
POST/api/v1/categoryAdd a new category
PATCH/api/v1/category/01bd7e7...Update the category with id "01bd7e7..."
DELETE/api/v1/category/01bd7e7...Delete the category with id "01bd7e7..."
GET/api/v1/category/01bd.../productsGet the list of products belonging to the category "01bd..."


All relationships are exposed as sub-resources. Only the GET method is allowed for sub-resources.


All identifiers are UUIDs Version 4. You can generate the UUIDs yourself or let the API backend generate them for you by leaving them out in the request body.