Creating scheduled tasks

In general, many update functions in Shopware 6 are regularly executed as a background process in the browser (message queue) when a user is logged in to the administration. However, this can lead to performance losses if several users are working simultaneously in the administration.

In addition, there are some functions that should only be carried out at a specific time. These are not performed from the message queue. Scheduled tasks can be used to perform these functions without the intervention of a user.
These can be e.g. the generation of the sitemap or the provision of product data for comparison portals.

The following settings are made right on the server. Since the possibilities of the server configuration depend on the hoster, we will explain this here in general. If you have any questions regarding the operation of the server configuration, the support of your hoster should be able to help you.

Configuring scheduled tasks for regular execution

A cron job is set up on the server to perform the scheduled tasks. We recommend setting this up for regular execution every 5 minutes. The following command is used

php /pfad/zu/Shopware/bin/console scheduled-task:run --time-limit=295 --memory-limit=512M

The addition "--time-limit=295" ensures that the command is executed for 295 seconds. This means that it is finished when the new execution is started after 5 minutes.
With "--memory-limit=512M" the maximum memory used by this command is limited to 512 MB, which prevents the RAM from filling up.

The setup of the cronjob on the server can vary depending on the hoster. You should get further information from your hoster. Profihost describes this e.g. under

In addition, depending on the configuration of the hoster, it may make sense to outsource the above command to a script and include the script in the cronjob.

Messenger queue server-controlled processing

If you do not want to process the messenger queue through background processes of the browser, the points in the following two sections should be implemented.

Disable admin worker

To deactivate the execution of the standard worker (browser background process), an adjustment of the file shopware.yaml in the /config/packages subdirectory of your shopware installation is necessary. If this file is not available, create it.
The following will be entered in the file

        enable_admin_worker: false

Afterwards it is necessary to empty the shop cache.
This can be done with the command

php bin/console cache:clear

which you execute directly on the server (e.g. via SSH).

Set up message queue for processing

The message queue should be processed continuously. It is therefore recommended to restart the command every 5 minutes. So that not very many parallel processes are executed in the long run due to the regular start, the running process can be terminated shortly before with the addition "--time-limit=295".

php /pfad/zu/shopware/bin/console messenger:consume --time-limit=295

However, a memory limit can cause the process to be interrupted at an early stage. Therefore, a memory limit should not be set at this point.

More information from some hosters

Some hosters provide articles in their knowledge areas describing how to set up there.


At Profihost you can find more information about the setup under


Hetzner provides the information under


Creoline provides the Informationen under

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