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Shopping Experiences

The Shopping Experiences are found under Content. With Shopping Experiences you can create content pages such as landing pages, shop pages and category layouts and manage them centrally. 
The created layouts consist of sections in which individual blocks are added, which in turn consist of one or more elements such as text or images. 


The overview lists (1) all layouts already created. In the search box (2) you can search for a created layout. You can use the dropdown menu Sort by: (3) to sort the list by creation date or editing date.
In the menu called Layouts (4) on the left side, you can filter the layouts thematically. For example, here you can limit the display to all shop pages or all landing pages.
Using the context menu (5) in each entry, you can delete, duplicate or preview the respective layout. This preview only has the purpose to make it easier to distinguish between the layouts in this overview. 
With the button Create new Layout (6) you can create a new layout. 
To edit a layout, just click on the corresponding entry. 

Creating a New Layout

When creating a new layout, some points for the configuration are first defined via a step-by-step query.

Layout Type

After you click on Create new layout, you will get a selection of the page type for which you want to create a layout. On the one hand, this serves to better sort your layouts in the overview. Furthermore you can choose between different blocks depending on the type. Currently you can create shop pages, landing pages and category pages.

  • Shop page:
  • All service pages of your shop are to be understood as shop pages. These include, for example, the general terms and conditions page, the shipping conditions or the contact form.
  • Landingpage:
  • Landing pages offer you a wide range of design and marketing options in your shop. These can be theme pages, in which marketing can be done or other pages, on which your customers can land during their visit to your shop.
  • Category page: 
    The category page automatically includes a product listing.
    Furthermore, you have the possibility to dynamically display texts from the corresponding category on a category page. In the top right of the text element editor use the Data mapping to choose the dynamically display text.


Once you have decided on a type, you can choose how the section of the layout should be structured. You can use a layout with a sidebar or alternatively the full page width.
The sidebar can be used to display the category navigation, filters or both.
During later editing you can add further sections, these may differ from the layout type that was initially chosen.
Wenn Du Dich für einen Typ entschieden hast, kannst Du auswählen, wie die Sektion des Layouts aufgebaut werden soll. Dir steht hierzu ein Layout mit einer Sidebar oder alternativ die volle Seitenbreite zur Verfügung.

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