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Frequent questions about leads

What is the difference between leads, customers & references?

In the Shopware universe, your customer can have different “statuses”. If the customer is a potential Shopware project, we are talking about a lead. This means that a lead is a potential Shopware customer.
A customer that is already in your customer list is an existing Shopware customer with an active Shopware shop.

You can create your existing Shopware customer projects in the account as a Shopware reference. The reference will appear in your partner list and will also be advertised via Shopware marketing channels as needed. 

Why should I register my leads in the account?

If you register a potential Shopware project in your account, this information will also go to your contact person at our Sales Department. This ensures that we know about the project at an early stage to allow us to assist you with the acquisition and win the customer together.

How can I register a lead?

Your customer list can be found in the customer section of your partner account. It contains all your existing Shopware customers that are assigned to you. This means that the customers are registered with us with their own Shopware account and linked to you as a Shopware partner.

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