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Your vouchers

Here you find all questions about vouchers for your plugins. 

Why can I only create vouchers up to 50% of the retail price?

We let you offer your plugins to your customers with up to 50% discount. Since the sales, delivery of plugin updates as well as licensing, payment processing and marketing are handled by Shopware, we reserve the right to disable any vouchers over 50% of the retail price. It is also in your interest to not only offer a cost-based plugin through a voucher code, i.e. free of charge.

What are vouchers?

Vouchers are discount codes that you can create and send to your customers. Your customers can then simply enter the code during checkout and buy the plugin at the discounted price.

How can I create a voucher for my plugin?

Click on the “Create new voucher” button under “Vouchers” in your plugin manufacturer section to create a new voucher. The voucher wizard will guide you step by step through the individual areas.

How often can a voucher be redeemed?

Click on the “Redeemable once per customer” button under “General voucher” in the voucher wizard to make sure that a code can only be redeemed once per customer.

Which voucher types are there?

You can offer two voucher types to your customers.
“General voucher” allows you to define a voucher code that can then be redeemed until the set number is reached. You can also specify that the code can only be redeemed once per customer.

“Non-transferable voucher” allows individual voucher codes to be generated automatically according to the set number.

Can I choose my voucher code myself or is it assigned automatically?

“General voucher” allows you to create your voucher code yourself. Vouchers always start with your manufacturer prefix.
With the “Non-transferable voucher”, the codes are created automatically after the last wizard step has been completed. The codes will then be displayed in the voucher’s details.

Where can I find custom voucher codes?

All created vouchers are listed under “Vouchers” in your plugin manufacturer section. Click on the three dots on the right side of the line to open voucher details and view, copy or export the custom voucher codes.


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