Support for your extensions

In the support area you will find all support tickets of your customers regarding your extensions.

In the support overview, all open tickets for your products are displayed first. This allows you to see at a glance which requests you currently have to process. By clicking on All, Open, Answered or Closed, you can change the view and display the tickets according to their respective status. On the right side of this line you will find the filter, which can be used to filter the tickets according to the terms they contain.

In the column Ticket ID, the tickets are listed sorted by their unique ID. A click on an entry opens the respective ticket and you can view the history. In the subject, your customer has summarised what his ticket is about. If you offer several products, you can see under extension for which the ticket was set. The next column shows the name of the customer. Behind it you can see the status of the ticket (open, answered, closed) and by when it should be answered. The details are opened with the "eyes" symbol. 

In the lower area, configure email for support is displayed. When new support tickets or answers are received, you will be notified by an email to the address entered. If you want to change it, simply click on edit email address.

Edit a ticket

When you edit a specific ticket, you can access two pages: Messages and Notes. The general information about the ticket on the right-hand side is always displayed.

There you can see the ID of the ticket you are currently editing, when it was created by the customer, the name of the creator and under which domain the customer's shop can be reached. Below that, you can see which Shopware version is being used, for which extension the ticket was set and which version of your product the customer is using. At the end you can see the support status, with the information whether a valid subscription is available and until when it is valid. As the last piece of information, you can see by when the customer should have received an answer.


This page shows the progress of the ticket so far. You can see your customer's contributions and your answers in chronological order.

Above Write an answer, the previous process is displayed. There you can see the client's answers and yours in chronological order. In the reply area, various formatting options are listed in the header. You can also create lists and insert links and graphics. The button on the right side enlarges the editor to full screen size and back again. You can enter your answer in the white memo field. If you prefer to use HTML tags for formatting, you can switch editing with Switch to HTML Editor.

To transfer files, click on Add attachment and make your selection. Once you have finished editing, send your contribution by clicking on Send response.


If you want to add comments on the open ticket without the customer being able to read them, the notes are suitable for this.

Your existing notes are displayed in chronological order in the upper area. You can then use Add note to add further text. If you click on Save notice, your text will be added. Saved notes can no longer be edited.

How long do I have to respond to a ticket?

Since your customers expect prompt feedback, you will have 4 days to respond to your tickets. This is also specified in your manufacturer contract.
Can you respond faster than in 4 days? That’s great! Your diligence will be recognised in your manufacturer's profile with the note “This manufacturer responds quickly/very quickly to support requests”.

If I cannot meet the response time for my support tickets, what further steps should I expect?

We will send you an email reminder to the default contact that tickets are open. If these tickets are not answered after the reminder, we send another reminder with a deadline for processing of about 3 business days. If this deadline passes without processing, we will contact you by phone to discuss the reasons. As the last step, if the phone call was unsuccessful, we will deactivate your apps in the store and block the commission payment until you contact us.

How fast do I have to be to get the label “This manufacturer responds quickly/very quickly to support requests”?

If you respond to your support tickets within 3 days, you will receive the award “This manufacturer responds quickly to support requests”.
If you respond in less than a day on average, you will receive the award “This manufacturer responds very quickly to support requests”.

When does a bug have to be fixed?

As stated in your manufacturer contract, you are required to provide a bug fix within 8 business days.

Who is responsible for support when I am on vacation, or during company holidays?

Since these are your extensions in the store and you are, of course, the expert for your extensions, the support is your responsibility. Please make sure to inform your customers in advance about the support options available to them in your absence.

Is it possible to migrate the support tickets to my system?

Currently, it is not possible to migrate the support tickets to external systems. We are working on a solution for the future, but no exact schedule has been set yet.

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