Support for your extensions

Here you can find all questions about support for your extensions.

What is Support?

The Support section in your manufacturer area contains all support tickets of your customers.

Where can I find outstanding, answered and closed support tickets of my customers?

All tickets can be found under Support in the manufacturer area. Go to Support in the manufacturer area and click on the Change email address button in the section Email configuration for support-related processes to change your email address.

How long do I have to respond to a ticket?

Since your customers expect prompt feedback, you will have 4 days to respond to your tickets. This is also specified in your manufacturer contract.
Can you respond faster than in 4 days? That’s great! Your diligence will be recognised in your manufacturer's profile with the note “This manufacturer responds quickly/very quickly to support requests”.

How fast do I have to be to get the label “This manufacturer responds quickly/very quickly to support requests”?

If you respond to your support tickets within 3 days, you will receive the award “This manufacturer responds quickly to support requests”.
If you respond in less than a day on average, you will receive the award “This manufacturer responds very quickly to support requests”.

When does a bug have to be fixed?

As stated in your manufacturer contract, you are required to provide a bug fix within 8 business days.

Who is responsible for support when I am on vacation, or during company holidays?

Since these are your extensions in the store and you are, of course, the expert for your extensions, the support is your responsibility. Please make sure to inform your customers in advance about the support options available to them in your absence.

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