Rating Guidelines

Customer reviews are important feedback for manufacturers of extensions and of course for other people who run shops.

Please note the following rules for writing customer reviews:

  • Please only review products that you have sufficiently tested yourself too.
  • You didn't like the product? Then please explain precisely why you don't like the product.
  • Please note the netiquette:
    • All reviews should be written in an open, friendly, polite, respectful way and show mutual consideration.
    • Rudeness, double meanings and even insults are not appropriate communication elements.
    • Defamation and any statements that are damaging to business and reputation must not be distributed.
  • Please note the spelling and grammar rules. Use paragraphs to make your text easier to read. Block letters all the way through are considered to be inappropriate and are seen as shouting, they are difficult to read and therefore should not be used.
  • The reviews should not be used to make support enquiries.
    • Are you having problems with a product?
      Then please use the support options available to you and contact the manufacturer.
  • Please give manufacturers the chance to respond to any potential problems in your personal environments and help you with your problems.
  • With some products we would like to point out that the manufacturer does not offer any support for the extension. You can find this information in the grey box on the extension's product page in the store.

If reviews do not comply with the aforementioned rules, we reserve the right to deactivate them.

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