License irregularities

This overview explains the course of action should any of your extensions or updates be used without authorisation.

This information is intended for only you. We clarify the situation in direct contact with the shop owner and send them multiple warnings; first in the backend, then by eMail. If there is no reaction after the third reminder, we charge the shop owner for the extension after a detailed check, ensuring you do not miss out on any turnover.

Important: Concerning distribution in the Shopware Community Store (e.g. purchase, rental, trial version), the contractual relationship exists exclusively between shopware and the shop operator. As the manufacturer, you are not entitled to contact the shop operator, send them reminders, etc. Possible infringements may only be communicated by Shopware.

Types of violations

Expired rental/trial license: The shop operator continues to use an extension despite not holding the license to do so (e.g. a cancelled rental license; expired trial license). Here we make differentiation whether the extension appears in the My Extensions Area as “Active” or “Inactive” – the extension must be removed completely from their shop.

No license found: The shop operator is using your extension, but probably has not purchased it from our store.
Invalid extension version: The shop operator purchased one of your extensions, but is using a version without booking a subscription.

Warning process

We keep you informed about our communication with the customer along every step of the way. Here we show you when the customer was last informed about suspected illegal use of your extension in the backend. Since this is updated once per day, it is possible that the status of a resolved case will only change in the course of 24 hours.


Open: We have determined suspicious use by the customer and will send the first warning by eMail.

1st warning: The customer has received the first warning eMail; this eMail details the extension or update version that is being used without authorisation and informs the customer that immediate action is required.

2nd warning: Seven days after receiving the first eMail, the customer will get a second warning. The prerequisite for the dispatch is also that he has logged into the account at least once after the first reminder from the My Extensions Area.

3rd warning: Seven days after receiving the second eMail, the customer will get a third warning, again with the concrete request for action. The prerequisite for the dispatch is also that he has logged into the account at least once after the first reminder from the My Extensions Area.

Charged: The customer is automatically charged for continuing to use the installed extension despite repeated warnings. In this case, the extension is licensed by us (purchase/rent) or a valid subscription has been booked. You can find the corresponding booking process under the menu item "Commissions".

Resolved: The plugin violation has been resolved. This means that the customer has either deleted the extension or acquired the appropriate license by purchasing it through the Community Store. You can review the receipt of purchase in your Shopware account.

Cancelled: The warning process was cancelled after consultation with you and/or the customer. No further emails will be sent to the customer.

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