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Here you can find all the questions about commissions for your extensions.

What can I receive commissions for?

As an extension manufacturer, you will receive a commission on the sales of your extensions in the Shopware Store.

When will I receive the commission payment?

If the sum of the commissions at the end of a month exceeds € 100.00, this amount will be paid to you automatically on the 15th of the following month.

How can I change my account information for the commission payment?

You can change your account information by clicking on the Change commission account button under Commissions in the manufacturerarea.

Can I download a credit note for my commission payment again?

Yes. You can download your credit note again by clicking on the download button in the Credit notes section under Commissions in the manufacturer area, as long as the status is set to “Paid”.

Can I have the commissions credited to my account?

Yes. To do this, simply email our Financial Services Department at

Why is my commission not paid?

Is the sum of commissions received below € 100.00? A payment will only be made to your account automatically if the amount is equal to or exceeds € 100.00.
For more details on pending issues such as “poor support”, “termination of the extension manufacturer contract”, “too many extension takebacks” or similar, please contact us directly at

Why are extensions/themes taxed with 7% VAT? 

For providers of extensions and templates from Germany: it should be noted that you are eligible for a VAT reduction when selling extensions through our Shopware Store. This is in accordance with § 12 para. 2 no. 7c UstG. This means you receive your share of the net selling price plus the current 7% tax, provided you qualify for this deduction. To receive this reduction, please provide us with the appropriate accounting information.

Background: Since computer programs and therefore software are considered literary works protected by copyright, there is often the question of whether or not they apply for this reduced tax rate. However, since this area is still rather grey, there is no direct answer. The reduced rate depends largely on the contractual relationship between the author and the distributor regarding the use of the software. Only if during the acquisition of the software, both the rights to reproduce and distribute the software are transferred, the author is eligible for a reduced tax rate, which is currently set at 7%. Please see your tax advisor for further information on this topic. 

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