Your Extension-Bundles 

All questions about bundles for your extensions. 

What are bundles?

A bundle lets you combine several products into a “package” and sell them together, e.g. at a discounted price. If necessary, it can also be used as a marketing tool, e.g. “Buy these 3 extensions at a discount”.

Can I offer multiple extensions as a bundle?

Yes. This function can be found under “Bundles” in your manufacturer area.

How can I create an extension bundle?

Click on the Create new bundle button under Bundles in the manufacturer area to start the wizard for your extension bundle.
The wizard will guide you through the individual steps:
  • Select extensions to be combined in a bundle
  • Price of the bundle
  • Name and description
Activate the bundle in the store

Where can I see which of my extensions are included in a bundle?

Mouse over ? under Bundles in the manufacturer area to view the included extensions.
A list of bundle extensions can also be displayed by clicking on the three dots in the line under Details.

Can I add individual extensions to a bundle or delete them later?

Yes. In the manufacturer area, click on the three dots (or on the bundle name) under Bundles to get to the details. Once you are there, you can click on X in Associated extensions to remove extensions or open the drop-down menu Add more extensions to add more extensions.

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